Work Permit Application
Work Permit Renewal

(Government fees included)

20,000.- THB
15,000.- THB

1-Year Work Visa Application
1-Year Work Visa Extension


1-Year Retirement Visa Application

(Government fees included)

20,000.- THB
15,000.- THB


15,000.- THB

Application Process for
Thai Permanent Residency

(Government fees are not included)

100,000.- THB

  • Company Registration
  • Marriage Registration
  • Re-Entry Visa
  • 90 Day Reporting

Prices on request

 Please Note: 

We can only provide Visa and Work permits for Non-Thai nationals who are legally employed in Thailand, are going to be employed by a Thai company or plan to reside in Thailand (Retirement Visa).

We don’t provide or extend Tourist or Non-Immigrant Visa nor do we arrange visa for other countries.

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